Remote Executive Assistants

Why Hiring a Remote Executive Assistant Can Save You More Revenue

In today’s fast-paced business climate, all business owners are continuously juggling a lot of tasks like increasing business sales, keeping clients happy, scaling the business team, and improving existing products or services. This results in extremely hectic schedules and having some tasks being put into the backburner, worse, being completely forgotten. With businesses going digital also came the birth of virtual hires leading to business convenience — hence, the birth of remote executive assistants.

An executive assistant is a remote support hire who helps a business-owner focus on their critical tasks and frees up their time for doing productive work. You can hire executive assistants anywhere in the globe. They act as an essential tool in streamlining business processes as well as improving communication. In recent times, with improved technology becoming readily available, the management of remote executive assistants has become an effective, simple, and cost-saving process.

For the past two decades, it has become a trend to hire executive assistants in remote locations such as the Philippines. Remote executive assistants can take care of almost every task that is assigned to them, and the best part is that they are not restricted to one task or job category. Remote executive assistants can work for you part-time, full time, or on an hourly basis as well. With more than 10,000 remote executive assistants servicing clients all over the world, countries like the Philippines operate like a well-oiled engine.

Why Hiring Remote Executive Assistants Save Costs!

Hiring remote executive assistants will provide you with high-cost savings as well as increased productivity. A lot of companies do not have enough funds or budget to hire a full-time employee to do the tasks for them that’s why they hire executive assistants for are much more affordable than a domestic hire.

In addition to saving money, it also saves business owners a lot of time capital. Imagine that you are a senior executive preparing yourself for an important business deal. You don’t need to prepare your presentation but also need to make sure all your travel & hotel bookings are perfectly synched. It can be a real headache to manage everything without any help. This is where you need executive assistants.

For business owners and leaders, saving their valuable time equates to revenue saved if you take into consideration a business leaders’ hourly rate.

Here are some of the many tasks that our remote executive assistants can help you with:

  • Data entry and management.
  • Setting up appointments, organizing as well as maintaining diaries.
  • Arranging visas, travel, and accommodation for managers and other persons who are traveling.
  • Scanning inquiries, phone calls, and handling them properly
  • Organizing various meetings.
  • Booking accommodation and transport.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Email management.

Hire Remote Executive Assistants With CrewBloom

CrewBloom is a remote recruitment and staffing agency providing the top 2% of global, outsourced hires. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced remote executive assistants. Executive assistants available with CrewBloom know the importance of discretion and confidentiality.

Hire our virtual executive assistants to eliminate all the administration blues and manage all your tasks from a remote location.

Why choose CrewBloom?

Experienced Virtual Assistants

We have professional and experienced virtual assistants including engineers, accounting, and medical professionals.

100% confidentiality

We make sure to offer 100% confidentiality to all our customers.

Flexible to Communicate

You can use a dedicated telephone number, send emails, or chat on Skype to communicate with our remote executive assistant.

Data security

Our remote assistants provide absolute confidentiality while providing you with service. When with us, no need to worry about the security of your data.

Pre-screened candidates

When you hire a remote worker from us, we offer you people with pre-screening. Indeed, we pre-screen a remote worker before they are presented to you. Our team conducts interviews with them to check their compatibility before presenting them to you.

Direct Communications

Once you have hired our remote executive assistant, you can talk to them at any time. They will be a remote worker for you who is working full time for you from a faraway location. You can even come here to meet your offshore staff.

Let remote executive assistants take the burden off your shoulders! Contact us, and we will give you the best remote executive assistant!

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