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Outsourced Staffing Solutions means having staffs working for a company but is based outside a company’s headquarters. Outsourced Staffing Solutions can be divided into onshoring, nearshoring, offshoring, and remote staffing.

  • Onshore Outsourcing: When a company in New York but outsourced staffs are working in Texas.
  • Nearshore Outsourcing: When a company in United States but outsourced staffs are working in Mexico.
  • Offshore Outsourcing: When a company based in the US outsources staffs in China or somewhere far from the headquarters location.
  • Remote Outsourcing: When a company based in the abroad hires work-from-home staffs.

Among all four types of outsourcing, remote outsourcing is becoming more and more ideal and attractive to business owners who wants to scale their team fast at a much lower cost. At the forefront of remote staff outsourcing is the Philippines.

Business owners opt to find talent in the Philippines not only due to the mastery of Filipinos of the English language, their proven work ethic and years of experience working for international accounts make it easy for business to train and onboard remote staff Philippines.

The remote staff in the Philippines is completely geared for a business that suffers from a limited team of skilled staff or in-house talent. They understand that investing in employment-enrichment programs and high-value professional’s hiring is very costly and challenging. The process outsourcing services solutions are designed to fill long-term or short-term business needs of the clients. Irrespective of the size, scale, and scope of business, the workforce demands are fulfilled and business goals are met most efficiently and professionally.

The Philippines also enjoy a 96 percent literacy rate, and the youth are educated from educational institutions that are at par with their Western counterpart, earning it a reputation as a hotbed for budding world-class professionals. The skilled and trained workforce is help agencies in becoming the industry leader and continue solidifying their position.

Hiring remote staff in the Philippines through CrewBloom will enable you the following benefits:

  • End-to-End Recruitment Process
  • A Dedicated Team Leader
  • Free Access To Time and Productivity Management Tool
  • A Close Tab On Performance
  • Work with the Latest Tools and Applications
  • Cost-effective Solutions

Why Employment Staffing Agencies?

Employment Staffing Agencies help solve the need of businesses for human capital by providing exceptional, skilled professionals based on the need of the business. Employment staffing agencies screen and interview hundreds of applicants and matches the qualified applicants to businesses in need of their skills. After the matching, a company selects a candidates who meet the stringent job requirements.

  • Employment staffing agencies are also responsible for paying the wages of the professionals they send to a company. They earn money by charging a base hourly rate to the client and taking away a percentage per hour.

  • By freeing up the time of a company to find the human capital it needs, employment staffing agencies enables a business owner to focus on core business functions instead of the day-to-day processes of staffing and recruitment.

  • CrewBloom is an remote employment staffing agency helping clients from various verticals find top-notch talent at an affordable cost. As a front-running employment staffing agency, CrewBloom has a dedicated workforce poised to work around the clock to cater to client needs. Start saving time and money through CrewBloom, outsource staffing solutions.

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