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In the insurance industry, the role of the sales department is vital. Insurance customer support services are essential in order to scale an agency. While most insurance companies have a pool of existing leads, many agency owners do not have enough time to warm all of the leads. This is why for many agencies, they value the importance of outsourcing outbound sales services to the hands of experts – the outbound insurance sales service providers.

CrewBloom, an outsourced telesales and appointment setting company based in the United States, prides itself on having trained and professionally qualified specialists to provide outstanding and exceptional insurance call center outsourcing services.

Equipped with the best team to provide top-notch sales services, CrewBloom’s insurance call center outsourcing service is one of the best in the industry. Aside from having an innate understanding of the way insurance agencies in the US operate, they also understand the need for these agencies for top-caliber outsourced insurance sales representatives at a much lower cost than hiring domestically.

By connecting outsourced Filipino outbound sales representatives, CrewBloom is able to provide valuable telesales and appointment setting services to insurance agencies. With experienced telesales and appointment setters in their talent pool, insurance agencies do not waste a lot of time in training and onboarding new hires. In addition, the cost of hiring an outsourced sales agent with CrewBloom is much cheaper than having an in-office hire. And why waste the time and energy of your internal resources when you can hire an outsourced service provider who has the expertise to offer specialized insurance customer support services.

CrewBloom’s outsourced services are available 24/7 and our flexible and adaptive work environment allows qualifying leads for various insurance products like life insurance, auto insurance, and health insurance much easier.

We are different from other outsourced service providers in the industry because our outbound services are focused on quality vs. quantity. These are the following services that we offer to our valuable clients:

  1. Appointment Setting
  2. Telesales
  3. Outbound Sales
  4. Outbound Lead Generation
  5. Phone verifications

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CrewBloom is a female-founded startup dedicated to connecting the brightest and most affordable sales and appointment setting experts to small and large businesses.

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