1.3M Revenue Generated

Increased Number of Leads

Exceeded Target Gross Shipped Sales


Monoprice is an enterprise electronics e-commerce platform that got its start selling cables on eBay in 2002. They have built a stellar reputation for product excellence and customer service. Today, Monoprice offers over 7,000 high-quality, affordable electronics, and accessories to consumers worldwide.


They were unable to capitalize on their potential market share given the time required to source technical sales talent with enterprise experience. CrewBloom was brought on to expand their SDR team, responsible for converting cold leads into qualified prospects that make recurring purchases.


CrewBloom sourced candidates with technical, enterprise selling experience that would meet their standards of customer obsession. Their team nurtured leads in underserved market segments converting them to repeat buyers. Working closely with their leadership team, they were able to re-engage dormant customers by innovating their existing sales process.


Simultaneously working with client executives, CrewBloom executed an outbound campaign to fill their pipeline. CrewBloom generated 924 qualified leads contributing to total revenue of $1,325,485 while hitting 102% of the target gross shipped sales.

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