14 Tasks for Virtual Assistants To Help Manage an Online Business - Part 1

Managing an online store is challenging for most business owners, given the sheer scope of responsibilities involved. Apart from ensuring your products’ quality, you’ll also have to make sure your website is attractive and features intuitive navigation, your products get to your customers on time, you have customer support, and a host of other duties. It’s nearly impossible to handle all this by yourself, which is why you’ll want to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines.


Virtual assistants can fulfill various tasks, helping relieve some of the burdens of managing your e-commerce business all by yourself. In this two-part article, we’ll be discussing the many different ways a virtual assistant can help you and the tasks you can delegate to them. Here are seven of them:


Web Design and Development

A customer’s entire shopping experience consists of navigating through your website, which means you’ll need to make sure it’s well-designed and easy to navigate. If possible, you can display your products through various online selling platforms, which will expand your visibility even more. However, if you aren’t familiar with platforms like Shopify or Amazon, that’s where a virtual assistant can step in and help you.

E-commerce sites are just as crucial as your webpage, as they both market your brand by signal-boosting your products on more visible platforms. While e-commerce sites do most of the arranging for you, you’ll also need to make sure your website is just as spiffy. A virtual assistant can connect you with a professional web designer who can overhaul your presence on both an e-commerce platform and your website, ensuring smooth transactions for both you and the customer.


Graphic Design

Apart from having an attractive website, you’ll need to make sure that all your visual collaterals—like your logo and branding—are just as visually appealing. Given the nature of online stores, optics are everything, which means you should enhance the digital shopping experience by supplying charming images that encourage them to engage and purchase. Everything your brand posts online, from your social media, advertisements, to website images, should capture your target audience’s attention and convince them to buy. 

However, graphic design is a specialized skill that not all business owners have, which is why you can entrust it to a design-savvy virtual assistant in the Philippines. A skilled designer can portray your brand in a practical, memorable logo, which will help your target audience remember you more.


Product Sourcing

As a business, you’ll have more than one product for sale, which means you’ll need a specialist who knows how to obtain various products that give your brand more depth and range. While you may have a set of original items that only you offer that defines your brand, it always helps to have some variety to accommodate your buyers’ different shopping patterns. Many virtual assistants specialize in product sourcing, which requires a deep understanding of today’s market trends and demands. They also have a vast network, allowing you to purchase bulk and at low prices from various retailers and manufacturers.


Product Listing and Order Fulfillment

Like product listing, many virtual assistants can help with product listing and fulfillment. The way you present your products is a significant factor that affects your customers’ purchasing decisions, so you’ll need to make sure it’s optimized with appropriate eye-catching product titles. However, the task of creating product titles, uploading them, and putting a price is often time-consuming, taking away valuable time from running your business. Fortunately, a virtual assistant can assume this role for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

As many virtual assistants are eCommerce specialists, they can also take care of order fulfillment for you. While every step involved in managing an online store is essential, fulfillment is arguably the most important, as it will define their experience. Luckily, virtual assistants can oversee this aspect and ensure that customers receive the product they ordered. They can also refine processes to make sure that orders reach their intended destination quickly and safely.


Inventory Management

Managing an online business isn’t just about securing the right products and making them part of your offerings. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right amount of inventory to fulfill the demand. Otherwise, you may end up having too much of something that isn’t popular or too much demand that you can’t answer, leaving customers feeling frustrated. Too much or too little stock will affect your sales, so it’s crucial to make sure you have the right person managing your inventory. 

Fortunately, a virtual assistant with experience in inventory management is the right person for the job. They can ensure the proper supply level to keep your customers happy while curtailing your potential losses and maintaining a steady sales flow.


Product Photography

Online stores are incredibly convenient because they allow customers to view entire catalogs from the comfort of their computers, smartphones, or tablets. However, the main drawback of shopping online is that customers cannot physically inspect the product before purchasing, which means that visuals are the main feature. As such, you’ll need clear, well-lit photos of all your products to make a great first impression. They must also be of high-resolution since buyers like to zoom in on the image and survey it at various angles.

Fortunately, a virtual assistant with the right skills can act as a professional product photographer. They are fully capable of taking attractive photos of your products and develop them to fit your marketing plans, strengthening your brand.


Content Creation 

Your online store needs all kinds of content to survive. From writing website copy to uploading marketing videos to creating product descriptions, content helps move buyers further down the funnel until they decide to purchase. However, everything must match your company’s tone and voice to create a cohesive brand, which is where a virtual assistant specializing in content creation can help.

Whether for your online store, blog, or social media pages, these virtual assistants have the skills and voice to convince buyers that your product can solve their problems. They also know how to incorporate keywords to optimize your content to be search engine-ready, boosting both visibility and conversion. 



These are just a few of the many tasks that virtual assistants in the Philippines can take on to help you run your online business. Stay tuned for part 2 to learn more about the other responsibilities they can take!

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