• How Costly Is Attrition?

    One of the signs of a successful organization is if it can hire top talent and retain it. Many large companies have an incredible reputation, which often means that employees are more interested in staying with the company for a long time. It can be much more expensive to replace and train an employee, and...Read More

  • 15 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Remote Staff Through an Agency

    With the recent influx of remote workers in the job market, many companies are considering hiring remote staff. And why wouldn’t they? You get to hire highly skilled staff from around the globe, and with varying living costs this means exceptional talent at a lower cost. Done right, remote teams can elevate your company to...Read More

  • 5 Types of Remote Workers & How To Better Manage Them

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  • CrewBloom is Changing the Call Center Industry Through a 100% Remote-Based Workforce

    “Gone are the days where outsourcing was merely about hiring call centers and having their professionals complete outbound calls,” said Brianna Carney, Co-Founder of CrewBloom. “We’re only acquiring the top 2% professionals in the call center industry. It’s what uniquely defines our remote working model.”Read More

  • The Real Cost of Attrition: How Employee Attrition is Silently Bleeding Businesses Dry

    Business owners are always finding ways to curb unnecessary and costly expenses, but employee attrition still remains to be one of the most costly expenses to business owners. Employee attrition is the rate of employee turnover at an organization at a specific period of time. Attrition happens due to several factors, mostly triggered by concerns...Read More

  • The Rise of Remote Work: Why More Businesses And Professionals Are Leaving The Office

    Remote work, against the old-time conventional physical office set-up, is fast becoming the new rave. Remote working is simply a work style which allows professionals to work outside the confines of a physical office environment. Instead, remote BPO professionals have the autonomy to work anywhere, commonly in the comfort of their home. Current technological advancements...Read More

  • CrewBloom Reinvents the Outsourcing Industry

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  • The Extinction of the Open Office

    Since the 1960’s, businesses around the world have been utilizing the “Office of the Future”, that is to say, an open office design. With little to no partitions between employees, large open spaces, and usually incorporating rotating seating arrangements, the open office has been a hallmark of forward thinking industries and companies. You’ve likely seen...Read More

  • Smart startups are hiring remote

    For years, startups have basically followed the traditional path to getting their business set up. Make a plan, find an office space, hire employees, and hope you start making enough to pay for everything you’ve just invested in. It is a very risky venture taking on a high overhead before you even know how best...Read More

  • How we’ve built a fun workplace for remote workers

    Fun is a word people would not think of associating with work. When working, one must channel all their energy to work and nothing else. Why do you think most companies block social media access during company hours? To a certain extent, it is true — work is work. But while cultivating a high-paced, high-productivity...Read More